The World is Changing...

Just a little over a year ago, the terms "Internet" and "World Wide Web," were obscure jargon, known only to a relatively small group of educational, industrial, and government 'tech heads.'

Back then, the idea of an electronically-connected global community was still seen as the domain of technology dreamers and MacLuhanites... Well, not any more!

Welcome to Tomorrow.

The Net is now the hottest buzzword in both the general and business media. Today, thousands of businesses and millions of computer users are 'getting connected.' Enterprises, large and small -- of every variety and every discipline of business -- are setting up their presence on the web. They all have the same goal: To establish the better mouse trap and have the world beat an electronic path to their virtual doors...

Well, internetworked communication is the world of tomorrow, and millions, even billions of dollars will be made over the next decade. But, millions will also be lost.


Because the truth of the matter is, that while the basic systems to make an internetworked world a reality are already in place, the percentage of the world's population who are adequately 'connected' has yet to reach critical mass...although that point isn't too far off.

Even more important: The simplicity and impressive multimedia capabilities of web-surfing today, made possible by the efforts of software development leaders like Netscape, Microsoft and Sun, has given rise to the illusion that establishing a successful presence on the Net is as simple as throwing up an attractive Web Page and simply waiting for Netsurfers to show up, where their dollars or commercially-sponsored patronage will then pave the golden road towards profitability.

That's a recipe for failure... Because there are a multitude of critical issues involved in making a success of any Internet venture. A staggering array of questions must be considered and solved. And that's the reason why you should know me...

World Wide Rob Levin

You should know me because, even now, as we become acustomed to the ubiquity of the Net, it's really still a brave new world out there in cyberspace...

And that makes it difficult to find real expertise in a field where it seems like everyone who's browsed the Web and written a simple HTML file bills themselves as an "Internet Expert."

But, how many really know which questions must be asked, what structures must be in place, what goals are attainable, and at what cost?

Issues like:

My associates at Technotica/Design and I can not only identify the issues, we can develop solutions. And, when it comes to turning the potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web to a reality, you'll find that our knowledge and resources can't be beat.

On behalf of Technotica/Design, I invite you to contact us, so that we can address any specific issues or questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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